The Meet Lab


The Meet Lab is an Italo-Taiwanese artistic collective, a workshop for creating a dialogue between different natures, cultures and visions. A place of inclusion, comparison, synthesis and artistic and cultural production, a space of contamination that is a bridge between the culture of Eastern and Western projects.
The Meet Lab is made up of a core of three people, Elena Gemelli, Louis Ma and Giampaolo Galenda that may include, depending on the nature of the project, visual artists, designers, architects, musicians, programmers, animators, engineers, philosophers and mathematicians.
Meet Lab 是一個義大利與台灣藝術合作的一個為了要在不同本質、文化與視野間做對話的一個工作坊。是一個有著包容性、比較性、整合性與藝術性和文化生產的地方,也是一個東西方文化的橋梁。Meet Lab 有三位核心人物,Elena Gemelli, Louis Ma and Giampaolo Galenda,這會包含視覺藝術家、設計師、建築師、音樂家、程式設計師、動畫師、工程師、哲學家與數學家,取決於計畫的本質。

The "braIN Taiwan" project team